Our concern

On the field of technology export, the German economy has since long joined the league of global players. The growing economies in developing and emergent countries, have an increased need for  skilled personnel able to work in and help shape emerging industrial business. The vocational and educational training (VET) of employees is essential for the economical development of these countries - not least because they support the reduction of youth unemployment. In this we see a high potential for German VET export.

Our objectives

Many government agencies and public institutions are involved with the German VET export, which has resulted in a variety of support programs. We welcome all current efforts to avoid fragmentation or isolated solutions, and instead create a comprehensive strategy for the internationalization of the German VET sector that can be systematically implemented. Through our activities and support we would like to impact this process about increasing the volume of international business.

Bv-BBI e.V. dedicates its work to the achievement of the following objectives:

  • Strengthening the internationalization of the German VET sector on the base of national and international co-operations

  • Representation of interests of our members / lobby work

  • Collaborative Research and Development Projects

  • Development and provision of tools and media for collaboration and public presentation

  • Strengthening of public presence by means of PR, participation in trade fairs and other appropriate activities