Why Bv-BBI?

In 2010, Prof. Hermann Simon petitioned in his article for the German "Manager-Magazin" for the design of a German master plan for an educational and vocational training export:

"In spite of this favorable conclusion [of the German vocational and educational training export], we are still dealing with isolated solutions. Therefore, I suggest a large-scale initiative. Why not expand the product to a global brand? The growth potential for ambitious service companies would be enormous. Ideally, several companies would tackle this project together. (...) This could happen as a joint venture of private and public partnerships, as well as solely private companies. The Internet could greatly support such a global enterprise. It is the right time to transform educational and vocational training into an international business - to complement "Made in Germany" with "Trained by Germany".
The Bv-BBI e.V. was established in 2013 to further develop, clarify, and implement Hermann Simons' suggestions.

Initially a position paper for the joint venture has been developed.
Presently, the blueprint of a master plan for the German educational and vocational training export is being designed based on trans-regional meetings and dialogues with governmental institutions.